List Of Bugs that need to be fixed on the client

Hey , i made a list of annoying bugs that i have experienced on the current client 1. No sound from the client after a game : When : Randomly Fix : Restart client 2. Can't click on find a game after creating a lobby : When : Randomly Fix : Enable Low Spec Mode OR Spam Tab button ( 6-7 times ) and then it will move up the "Find a match" that u can finaly click 3. After finish a game , having " Game is still in progress " for a long time When : Randomly after a game Fix : Leave Game before Nexus explode so you ll get into honor screen without having this bug 4. Can't add friends while in game ( Optional Bug but still frustrating ) When : Someone send u a friend Request 5. Client extremely laggy after the first login : When : After Login Screen Fix : Waiting New Chromium Client ? 6. Blackscreen after finishing a game and going into hextech crafting ( from Changangou ) : When : After a game ( 100% rate) Fix : click on the store first, then go to the loot tab 7. Takes forever to get into post-game lobby after a game ( from Super Hooker ): When: Always fix: None 8. Stat page stopped counting games ( from SURRORN + Courbet33 + MisterarmCZ ) When : on profile , when clicking on STATS Fix : None __________________________________________________ 9. Nothing happens when you hover someone on friendlist : Usually you'd get stuff like their profile background, how long they're in game, their full status, etc ( from ZéyloRen ) When : hovering on someone on friendlist Fix : None 10. Randomly doesn't let you chose anything in hextech crafting after a game ( from legacy dude ) When : After a game Fix : None 11. Spectating game sometimes fails and forces a hard reboot, after that client shows user still in spectator mode, unable to play or join lobbies ( from MisterarmCZ ) When : Randomly if attempting to spectate Fix : Delete launcher config file 12. Lp not refreshing sometimes until relogin ( from Pervy Såge ) When : After a game Fix : Relog 13. Since MSI Patch , client reset every logins ( Skin selection + Summoners Spells choises reset to ghost flash + runes deleted ) ( from AsuriSMiles ) When : After a login Fix : None 14. On Runes and Emotes Tab ( On Collection ) , when checking hide preset pages and unchecking show unowned , it reset the change the next time u conect When : After u relog Fix : None

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