Pyke is broken (for colorblind people)

Hello there, I have a huge Problem with Pyke! {{champion:555}} I can't really see most of Pyke's abilities 1. His Passive has the same color as his health (atleast for me), which looks like he is full health nearly all the time. 2. For his "E" I only see the animation and have to guess where the stun is, which is really frustrating because you can't really dodge it. 3. And lastly it's his Ultimate, it is "grey" in my view and I can't really see it anywhere on the map. These Problem only accure for me if he is in the red team/the enemy team. I really hope Riot does something to fix this, because I have to ban the champion in order to not to lose to something I can't see. Well thanks for reading and I hope you won't have the same problem as me (I don't know where to post so I take this as a "Bug")
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