Hextech chest Fraud. 1 reason chests are bad. (nonclickbait: chests are a rippoff if you get a key)

I was opening a hextech chest but to my surprise it contained a single key, nothing more, just a single key. After that I solved a simple equation in my mind: key + chest => loot | loot (in my case) = key key + chest => key | -key chest => 0 So in otherwords by simply pressing the "open" button, I merely trashed one of chest. And if remember correctly rito said chest wont contain only essence, but then they go ahead and put practically nothing in there? I wouldn't mind if there wasn't a skin along with the key in the chest, but atleast some essence should have been there. Why you do this? Rito pls? PS: I'm not looking for a refund or anything, this just bothers me alot.

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