HoW ManY more times do i have to post about LAG SPIKES during every single game even coop games ????

Constant lag spikes during this week constantly lagging me who has internet with ping 15 now have lags scaling from 70 to 400 to even at some point 2000 3000 so i can't even see what's happening on the screen.Idk what you guys are doing is it server overload or something for the love of God fix this problem whatever it is..I dont have anything turn on i never ever before lagged ever but since the last patch game went broke with lags and lag spikes that goes over 2000 ,....Its absurd to even enter a game to play when you know you gonna have this much lag and trashy game...FIX IT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.. IF i need to record entire game and post it here i will do it just for you to see that game is broken with lags ....I dont have anything turned on even wifi is turned off......
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