[GAMEPLAY] Supports can have 2 active ZZ´rot portals.

League of Legends TM Client 2017 01 19 03 48 15
Support game, with recent changes to ZZ´rot portal players can have 2 active when you build ruby sighstone
On any "support" (any champion really) you can have 2 ZZ´rot portals active for a short while, as long as you build Ruby sighstone which gives cooldown on activatable items. Since the changes last patch to ZZ´rot portal, the cooldown now allows any player to have 2 active portals placed. Not sure if this is intentional or not, but I noticed it when I played Thresh and got the item, so I placed them in my base to show them side by side. All you need to do is; 1. Get RubySighstone on any champion 2. Get ZZ´rot Portal 3. Now all you need to do is place the first one, wait for the cooldown and place the second one. There will only be a short while the first one stays active after the second one is placed, but they will both work. This has happened every game I´ve played since I noticed it, also tried 2 Custom games and changed champion/ skins and masteries. It still ends with the same result, as far as I have seen and tested it. It works on any champion if you get RubySighstone + ZZ´rot Portal, no matter what other build or masteries you run.
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