Gamebreaking Nunu bug!

Hey there! If you play Nunu and try to use your Q or smite it often won't work dealing simply 0 dmg to monsters leading in a confusing loss of an objective. As you can see in this game Nunu used his lvl 4 Q=500 true dmg coz 2 points in Q on the drake with 460 hp and didn't execute it. The Q came through, proven by the cooldown timer setting in. This makes Nunu completely broken and unable to compete any objective. Fix asap and not like the invisible Nunu you completely ignored until a Riot staff member had to suffer from the same bug before fixing it. {{sticker:sg-shisa}} Ranked game btw and also a mountain drake. Imagine that happening in LCS. Someone perfectly executing a drake but dealign 0 dmg yet having smite on cd. Game would probably be paused or reset or some shit.
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