Mac bugs

There are some mac bugs that have been coming and going without being permanently fixed over the past couple of seasons. 1. Often, once logged in, a message will pop up saying "Trying to reconnect" - despite the fact that I'm connected to the chat and can see people going online/offline and my internet is working fine. After 2-5mins the message disappears and everything is normal. (This is happening in current patch 8.10) 2. Some time in the first 5-10mins, I disconnect. I have to exit and reopen and then the game resumes as normal. The ping is really good the whole time - before and after the dc. (Not happening in 8.10) 3. The game loads up to 100% for me and then a message pops up saying something like "check your internet connection, you've disconnected". I then have to restart the client and go back into the game as normal, missing the first few mins of every game. (Happening 8.10) My friends who use mac report the same issues, despite the fact that we have good wifi, different macs and some even live in different countries.

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