This is a bug report about Kha'zix, and riot support on the mobile phone

First: the Kha'zix bug: Kha'zix has a visual bug on his R, where, after evolving it, once he dies and respawn, he looks like he didn't evolve it (goes back to the unevolved R look). The only thing hinting its upgrade are his claws, that remain the evolved R color. It's really just a visual bug, the rest works just fine. This bug exists since the patch before this one. Next, riot support: As it's obvious, bug reports should be made via ticket. However, as I'm writing this right now on my phone, I can't access the riot support, much less the submit ticket page. Whenever I enter the support page, it shows itself for 1-2 seconds before redirecting to the Service status. Moreover, the only problem showing there is that league voice on Mac isn't working properly, so there is absolutely no reason for this redirection. Riot, if you happen to read this, try looking into both these bugs (the latter more importantly, as I want to be able to submit tickets through here), and do comment here to give me some hope. ;D Thank you for your time.

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