9.8 ARAM Karthus ulti cooldown bug.

Description: Already had 45% (maximum) ammount of cooldown reduction. It appeared when i ulted from base, cooldown was set much bigger than it had to be. Title: 9.8 CD reduction bug. Server: EUW Match Details: 4006271275 (if i get ir right this one) Type of Bug: In-game cooldown reduction bug. Details: Okey, i was killed, and after i respawned i already had my ulti playing as Karthus. And after i respawned it was a good moment to use it, ofc used it straight from a base, and after ulting, i saw that my cooldown reduction bonus wasnt applied at all. I suppose its a bug, because i did not find any info why this bonus shouldnt be applied in any condition. In first screenshot i used replay to show that i already had 2 items giving me enough cooldown reduction to be able to receive bonus. https://www.part.lt/perziura/a1c9fbc10b09ac273ccfa59d1ffd56af167.png Second screenshot in the game about less than 1 minute later and i still have more cooldown left than its written in description. https://www.part.lt/perziura/460d2e7d44f05eb70c878c204e59d02b847.png Also my runes was giving 15% cdr bonus. http://prntscr.com/ng19pv

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