Client bugged forever

Can Riot do something with this buggy client? Or new games are more important? For real. I lost one placement because I couldn't accept the champion since my chat was open and I couldn't close it. Now it's the same, chat is frozen and I can't close it, have to restart the game. It's hard to do that IN lobby - so, better don't open the chat when you are picking champion... Also friendlist is bugged, I'm getting invitations and the notification is on even if I already accepted or deleted them. If I won't reply to someone's message I still have notification of it until I restart the client. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} I have absolutely no idea why client is always bugged, if you fix one thing, there comes another. I prefer to have simple client without any effects just plain black-white frame with words than something that is not working.

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