could you like ... fix the launcher ? MAYBE ? hmm ? ...

it's soo cool that i get a leaver buster :) ... because your stupid buggy launcher didn't load in the game, no matter how many times i restart, your RECONNECT button ain't good fo' jackshit :) ... AGAIN ... thank you, Riot ... i deeply appreciate it :) i like having leaver, especially when it's not my fault :) ... i like wasting that much time to get trough 5 low priority ques because you can't fix your client :) coz you know, sometimes i DO feel like i have too much time on my hands, so having to wait half an hour before every game is really refreshing :) again, especially if it wasn't my fault :) ... and you know what's the best part ? :D sometimes your stupid client bugs in during the low priority time as well, and when it's over and it finds a match, it doesn't pops up :D how cool is that ??? :D having to wait a full Hour for a match :'D ... have a nice day
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