Unable to get into game

Hello summoners After setting up my PC I installed league of legends. I wanted to play the first game since the install but this message popped up right after draft, when the loading screen for the game should appear: "The programm can' t start because d3dx9_39.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the programm to fix this problem." I then used the Heimerdinger Hextech tool to reinstall in the hopes of still being able to join the game, which I was then unable to. The launcher opened but the window for the actual game was still missing. I' m really sorry for my teammates since they had to play 4vs5 and I also kinda fear getting reported by everyone in the game lol( I am not a leaver but i have been gettinmg VERY frequent crashed which is also why I set up my PC anew). I will have to see if I can play any game after the current one is over and can only hope I won' t get locked out by the same error message again. Anyways, what is the reason for that particular file missing in the first place? I patched and installed the game with no issues(unstable internet connection or else)

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