Dear Riot Games

You're a company worth millions of dollars yet you can't get anything right... on multiple occasions you struggle to produce the easiest of tasks. If you're incapable of releasing content (which was ripped from Dota 2) and adding it to your already flawed client; I don't think your teams of developers are fit for their purpose. TFT (Team Fight Tactics) has been on the PBE for weeks/months yet you fail to produce valid stress tests and gameplay breaking elements tests. To put it simply, we (the community, for the most part) have been excited for the release of this game mode yet we're given a botched, fail of a launch to the extent where not only does it affect us getting into the specific gamemode yet we're now hit with a multitude of other errors such as not being able to load into Ranked Solo/Duo, Draft or Blind Pick. On a serious note, your performance as a company is lacking in all departments (outside of the money grabbing skin artwork) the skin artwork is incredible however the ingame models are often pretty terrible too such as Blood Moon Aatrox, what a scam. I don't expect to hear anything positive in regards to this post as the community on this game are nothing but cattle blindly following the heard having no opinion of their own. By no means am I fully qualified to make such statements on Riot Games however, as a Games Design (formerly Programming) student, I seriously cannot stand behind their inexperience in creating content and not breaking everything.
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