Riot doesn't care about League anymore

Has anyone noticed these bugs ? : - The plants in jungle shows up but cannot be used ? - If you disconnect and reconnect you can see all the map with no black spots but you can't see what's there ? - Infernal Drake got Jhin's R range ? - Ekko's R sometimes doesn't work ? - Pyke's R sometimes don't execute ? - Minions sometimes don't damage turrets? - If you play Udyr against Kayn. Teammates can see Kayn's abilities being used on Udyr ? - Shaco bugs ? - Kha'Zix bugs ? - Qiyana bugs ? - Yasuo bugs ? - Diana bugs ? - Lee Sin's Q can go throught units ? - Morgana's Q can go right but hit left ? - If you play Fizz and Master Yi uses Q and you press E . He can keep damaging you with his Q till you jump out ? - Lux's R hitbox is like Sion Q's hitbox ? Without saying client bugs. Since they won't fix it at all. And more . Some of these bugs I got in game. The champion bugs I got them from people that complain here. It just seems to me like Riot gave up with League and made TFT lol.
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