Hello, I got permabanned and in my opinion i did not deserve this, Let me know please what u guys think about it here is my chat Game 1 weretwinz1: Will see who you call bad after this game weretwinz1: after ic arried you all weretwinz1: Dat flash weretwinz1: dw already knew i would be queued up with the idiot toplaner weretwinz1: bronze people are afraid to ss i guess weretwinz1: kek weretwinz1: Talks about luck weretwinz1: got 5ganks in 10min weretwinz1: is lissandra a second midlaner? weretwinz1: ff 15 weretwinz1: im done weretwinz1: nice flash btw weretwinz1: i did ss but bronze 1 jinx players dont look at the chat weretwinz1: not my problem tbh weretwinz1: The 3 midlaners grouped up xD weretwinz1: HOW DID U GUYS MANAGE TO LOSE LANES IF THERE ARE 3MID ALWAYS weretwinz1: Nothing tbh weretwinz1: you guys are all ez weretwinz1: report teemo for troll weretwinz1: Lissandra is more mid than yasuo weretwinz1: Lmfao weretwinz1: 2mid new meta weretwinz1: my friend weretwinz1: you mean my worst enemy weretwinz1: Guys i am in a good mood lets all gues who got the bad team weretwinz1: ofcourse me :D weretwinz1: 3times in a row a bad or afk toplaner weretwinz1: shut up weretwinz1: nice ganks xD weretwinz1: you made amazing ganks weretwinz1: ive seen zero tbh weretwinz1: you never ganked LUL weretwinz1: Awesome toplaner weretwinz1: if only i had lissandra i wouldve won weretwinz1: But theres a curse on me weretwinz1: the bad toplaner curse weretwinz1: :( weretwinz1: LOL weretwinz1: Nice weretwinz1: Oops weretwinz1: i just wanna sleep and forgot my last 3 games weretwinz1: :/ weretwinz1: u need to stfu for real weretwinz1: Shit talking since begin weretwinz1: Not you weretwinz1: voli weretwinz1: My team weretwinz1: my team is so good weretwinz1: Damn weretwinz1: They all outplayed liss weretwinz1: you have zero dmg weretwinz1: I leaked how riot searches queues for me weretwinz1: Riot: lets look over whole euw for the biggest idiots weretwinz1: yup got 4 weretwinz1: Tadaaa weretwinz1: He just noticed weretwinz1: she has weretwinz1: do u know what legit is the most funny thing in this game weretwinz1: the community has been saying that yasuo is overpowered since he came out weretwinz1: he got zero nerfs Game 2 weretwinz1: nice 5 premade weretwinz1: First time ziggs weretwinz1: :3 weretwinz1: is vayne afk? weretwinz1: tris wheres yo premade weretwinz1: first time ziggs going well weretwinz1: why didnt vayne disconnect tho weretwinz1: rip silver promo again... weretwinz1: report vayne weretwinz1: got an afk... weretwinz1: Really sadf weretwinz1: Sad weretwinz1: this was my last game to silver promo weretwinz1: :( weretwinz1: xin def top weretwinz1: i wont report vayne if we win weretwinz1: im new to this champ weretwinz1: No need to be toxic weretwinz1: katarina in a nutshell weretwinz1: always my last game for promo goes like this weretwinz1: always a horrible toplaner weretwinz1: you're reported vayne weretwinz1: Flame? weretwinz1: Just reporting u weretwinz1: all report vayne weretwinz1: maybe we have da lategame weretwinz1: idk weretwinz1: My* weretwinz1: ? weretwinz1: if we win this no report vayne weretwinz1: why tristana weretwinz1: thats not good at this moment weretwinz1: they won now weretwinz1: Sad to lose like this weretwinz1: X9 vayne btw i got banned before 1time for 2weeks
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