Diana Q buffering random animation time (highly affects gameplay)

Wasn't sure if to post this in the bug reports or champions & gameplay section, since this isn't necessarily a bug. Nevertheless, it highly affects gameplay and should be somehow changed. Please watch this first, it would be more understandable this way. [Video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNw4MpzRKfE) Note how at 0:06 the cooldown of R resets, while it doesn't the other two times. **Description: **Just like before the recent changes to Riven's animations, If Diana buffers her Q during her R animation it seems to have completely random animation time. **Consequences:** This highly affects her gameplay, since when the animation duration gets to be lower, it's possible to reset her R by buffering her Q during the animation. But when the animation is longer, it would be impossible. **Reproduction: ** Simply press R-Q on a target as Diana. If you're lucky and the animation duration of the Q is relatively low, the R cooldown will reset. Otherwise, it won't. ;; As you see, I had 66 ping when testing this; players with lower ping might be able to pull this off more frequently than players with higher ping. I'm not sure if this mechanic is intended or not, but at any rate in its current state it's quite unhealthy to have a champion mechanic depend purely on luck (and ping?). Either make it more consistent, thus making it a reliable mechanic on Diana, or completely remove it.
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