2nd Day of the Rewards - Click on the post for more details

3rd attempt in making a comment here. I am in the **2nd day of the Rewards**, i have not yet, received any task in order to complete it and receive the 6.300 essence. The issue comes along with the fact that i've **already finished** the daily tasks (the World and the daily one) and shows me a time lapse of ~**1 day and 12 hours** until it's repeating. Is this normal? If so, that means i jump over a day of reward? Upon looking on the tab of those 10 Rewards Day, you will be advised to complete your daily task (which i did!) in order to receive the Reward. I have done that, nothing happend. Please vote this comment if you are troubled by the same issue, the fact needs attention and furthermore, a solution! Kind regards! **Later Edit**: It throwed me right in the 3rd Day of Rewards, without the 2nd Day Reward of 6.300. The time lapse is still as yesterday, ~1 day and 18 hours. The tab with 10 Rewards shows me i am still at the 2nd Day Reward, while for the 3rd Day i had to finish a Task ( Play one game something something) as seen here: https://imgur.com/kQrNWny **Edit 2**: I ve been bestowed with this task!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} https://imgur.com/a/4bOatKC
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