Mission won't count.

Might not class as a bug but idk. The Trials mission 8 - destroy 2 wards in one game or win 2 games with a vision score of at least 10. so I played 2 bots games with my friend, who had the same mission. we both spent the game placing wards in jng, getting our vision score up. I get a vision score of 10 then 17. he gets a vision score of 14 then 18. my mission thing doesn't count it, but his mission completes. btw the mission is for MATCHMADE games, which include coop vs ai. I have done the requirements for the mission but it didn't register, I even relogged the client but it still says I haven't made any progress towards the mission, which I clearly have done. I am at a loss, so anyone able to help? ty in advance.
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