Hextech Chests not dropping on my account, I think it's bugged

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Basically, I created this account last year, and pretty much abandoned it until now, because I need to put it at level 30. One thing I've noticed is that I wasn't getting hextech chests.. or keys for that matter, and I haven't received 1 single restriction ever since I picked it back up. Then I dove a little deeper into it, and I saw that I wasn't even getting grades! After the game ends, it tells me the grade, whatever it may be, but it doesn't register (see link for picture), all my champions have "N/A" as best grade. I don't know why this is happening, but I'd like some help. PS. My account name is "draven hehe xdd" (Update : With the new honor system, I finally received a key, but still no chests.)
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