Yet more issues with the client.

Was playing a couple games not two hours prior and (mostly) everything was fine. Went off to eat and when i came back the client wanted to update. Upon completing the update i log into the client and found a myriad of bugs new and old. The bugs are as follows; The hextech collection isn't accessible, RP and BE both displayed incorrectly as 0, the Play button is unresponsive and takes repeated clicks to let me into the game selection screen, all of the collection tabs with the exception of Champions, Runes, and Summoner Spells will not load. And to top it all off two final bugs that REALLY take the cake. While the runes tab in collection loads, my rune pages have all been deleted and worse yet all ranked and draft queues are inaccessible because the client thinks i don't have 12-20 champions when in reality i have nearly 100 champions and the champions tab in collection displays as such. I do hope these issues get fixed quickly because this truly should not happen. **Update:** Upon posting this and checking back on my client the Ranked/Draft queues are no longer inaccessible and my collection tabs are loading, however i am still going to have to re-create all my rune pages.

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