Game crahses after loading and mutes everything

since patch 10.2 and still in patch 10.3 I've been having this issue that when i load into a game, i see the first frame of entering the game (champions spawning in) then the game freezes for a good 1 to 2 minutes, after which it will work but it mutes all my sound on my device including mic headphones and everything else. the game will work for a minute and than crashes. even when I exit the game there is still no sound, i have to restart my device to get the sound back. reconnecting leads to the same 1 minute wait and 1 minute playing before crashing again, I've tried reinstalling the game twice with no success. I've been playing league for years with no problem, nothing changed in the mean time, same setup and everything, this just started happening out of seemingly nowhere, hope someone knows how to help me with this.
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