how long until riot hires a student that fixes their client?

this thing is a straight up insult and riot should be embarrased that they cant fix this shit. or wait no i take it back. its not the problem that they cant fix it. THE PROBLEM IS YOU DONT WANT TO FIX IT! you could literally hire a student who specifically is into client design, pay him in 2 pizzas a day and he makes you a better client in 1 month. but you dont. and what i really want to know what i REALLY wnat to know is why? what good is the best game in the world IF YOU CANT PLAY IT? and i just dont get how lol reddit still defends riot saying "its not as easy as you think". i just dont get why the community doesnt stand there together and says riot, after 10+ years if you dont fix your client we are gone.
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