Is this happening to anyone else?

So, i was screwing around in practice tool, trying out Xerath against Ryze on Bot, after i hit lvl 5 (or to be precise, Minute 6-7) my game started glitching out and my FPS drops to 1 from a usual 90-120 . Everything is set to low (because i don't really care about Graphics and i like that smooth as possible game to make the expirience better) Random Squared Colours show up, The map breaks during the FPS drop and it's just Crazy! Riot, please fix this, I'm too scared to try and play Ranked because that might happen. Also when i played Neeko mid the second game (in ranked), when i transformed into Zed (can't remember who) The entire texture of their skin was all glitched out. So, i don't know why is it like that but i hope it gets fixed. and NO riot, it's not about AVAST! i don't even have it! {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}

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