Some EUNE bugs

Good day Riot. I have seen some bugs in recent days and I think it's now time to post them all together. #1 - Normal Draft Mode bug I joined Normal Draft Mode with 2 of my friends. When Champion Select opened, and I checked my Friends List, it actually showed that 1 of them was in Champ Select and 1 was still "In Queue", even though both of them were in Champ Select with me. Also after bans were made and I tried to pick my support, I couldn't do it. I did more than 10 double clicks on random champs, as I started panicking a little, but none of them were selected. Timer reached 0. For next 10 seconds timer was actually stopped on 0, but I could actually still hear the timer ticking down through my headphones, even though Timer was already on 0 and CS wasn't still cancelled for some reason. #2 - Chat error I join Normal Blind Pick with friend. Arranged Team Chat opens like usual, but if my friend closes it, he also logs out from my Friend List. I see our private conversation color button gray, like he isn't even there, even though we can actually talk to each other in private chats and we still both are in queue. Never tried it with multiple people though, don't know how it will affect the bug occuring. EDIT: To make a picture I tried to make the bug appear again. I found out something interesting. The bug only occurs, when I'm the one who creates queue and my friend leaves. At first he invited me, left the Arranged Team Chat and nothing changed. But when I created queue and he left, the bug occured (shown on the pic) #3 - "Undo" button in-game shop Let's say I teleport back to base (B button in game) and buy a new item (doesn't matter what). I realize, it was wrong idea and Undo the item to choose something else. After "undoing" it, the game also "undoes" my regenerated health and mana. If I had 100 hp before buying anything, it will take me back to 100 hp, even though I have regenerated it on fountain while buying. Early game it's not a big deal, but lategame with high death timers or situations where my help is needed fast, it actually wastes valuable time. Especially on high HP tanks, when after undoing an item you actually have to regen twice in base. #4 - FPS drops I'm pretty sure you have had lots of reports about that. I noticed it after upgrading to latest patch (6.13). I have played for almost 3 years and never had FPS problems before. Now with the new patch almost every game there is a situation where my FPS randomly drops. Sometimes mid fights, sometimes when I'm warding jungle alone. Doesn't seem to be affected about the situation. #5 - In-game TIPs and shop Now I don't even know, if this is a bug. Or if this even exists anymore. I remember that from long time ago and just in case thought I should write it down. Anyway, when TIP appears in loading screen or in game right after connecting, there was one that consisted of something similar: "Did you know that if you search shop for "**Bloothirster**" then you will also see "Essence reaver". If you looked closely, I miss-spelled "bloodthirster". 1 letter is missing. And that was intentional, because that's what also happened in game. Also the search doesn't work that way, tried it already :D. Shop search does some weird stuff all the time. If searching with partial item name, it shows some other items that have totally different names and don't even consist of those letters.
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