If you didn't get a game, no need to be sad...

I'm seeing a lot of people who didn't manage to get to enter a game at all. Guess this is a good time and place to rant about my experience. I was team captain, everything went well (scouting, joining queue etc.) once we get in to champ select, they ban Fiddle%%%%s, cool. So I want to ban Soraka, but once I select her portrait, I cannot press 'Ban', the button stays grey. I've had this happen before and it's usually fixed by switching to another champion and back, but nope, could't ban. This is already %%%%ing amazing, because I need to ban 5 champs, and I can't ban shit. https://i.imgur.com/GSRldz3.jpg After a while we decide it's better to just re-log, so I do, just in time for the second ban phase. Exact same thing happens. Now comes the big surprise, I declared I wanted to play Vladimir, but they banned that. I was ready to accept the dodge and just go play normals, but what happens? The client locks in %%%%ing Pyke!? I could not change my sums. I could change and save my runes, but in game they did clearly not save. https://i.imgur.com/xuO5Ra8.jpg Pyke top, what a treat, needless to say, we lost. Next game I can't scout, restarted client, restarted PC, and then the lobby crashed. TLDR; Missed 5 bans, client picked pyke for me, played pyke top, lost, second game didn't even start, ended 0-2. But hey! we got a 3-game XP Boost, %%%% YEA!
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