My camera keeps getting locked randomly leaving me unable to unlock it.

So like the title says my camera keeps getting locked even though I haven't pressed anything. It usually happens when I respawn, but can happen randomly too. It'll be locked for a bit and if I press Y or space or anything it doesn't get unlocked. What seems to work decently consistently though is it unlocking after I use an ability and then press Y, this doesn't always work though and often I find myself forced to wait till it fixes itself. It's a really annoying bug that has created some annoying situations where I had to for instance teamfight with my camera stuck making me unable to play like I normally would thus resulting in me inting. I've told people in-game about this and some seem to have experienced the same bug here and there, also my friend has experienced it a couple times now. If there's a fix for this I'd love to know, also I'd love to know if this is a known bug already and if not I hope it can be fixed the next patch. Greetings, FoolishDragon {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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