Is it just me or is the client insanely buggy, slow and sluggish?

Recently I've been seeing a multitude of problems with the client, including and not limited to, not being able to join lobbies, invites not working, or if something does work it's really sluggish. For example, it consistently takes several seconds to lock in a ban or pick, start a game, choosing positions so on and so forth. I was wondering if it was my PC but I haven't had these issues in the past, additionally my friends also often experience such problems. I don't know if this has something to do with the Clash/Crash sheningans but it's laughable that a company the size of Riot Games can't get their game client to run smoothly. EDIT 1: I'm trying to play right now and the game won't start, if I try to leave the lobby and create a new one I just get put back into the same one. My premades are all experiencing the same. Rito pls {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} EDIT 2: just managed to leave the lobby after a few minutes and I couldn't make a new one. That stupid red exclamation mark in the top left corner indicating some issue with the client is there more often than not, get your shit together please Riot. EDIT 3: Everything seems to be working, with a 5-10 minute delay. I made an ARAM lobby since ranked is down now and after 7 minutes I was actually in it, invites took another 5-10 mins to be sent to my friends and another 5-10 mins for them to accept, 5-10 mins for them to join the lobby.... you get the picture. EDIT 4: so we were in an ARAM lobby (butcher's bridge in background and everything) after a good half hour of trying to get the game to start and we somehow went into a normal blind pick champ select. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} EDIT 5: All seems to be working fine, for now.
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