Have S rank rewards despite not getting an S rank.

Been playing Twisted Fate lately, and earlier today, i managed to get an A rank, which is my best so far. However, for some reason, the game thinks i got an S rank and has given me the Hextech Box, as well as that funny gold border in my collections. Oddly enough, despite having the border, scrolling over Fate's picture still says that his highest grade is A. My K/D/A in that game was 6/4/19. My match history, on the other hand, doesn't give me any rank at all. Just says my XP earned. I was in a party with a player who did get an S rank though, so i'm wondering if the game confused me with them. I don't believe they got a box, as i'm pretty sure this wasn't their first S this season. This obviously isn't a game breaking mess, but i just found it a little weird. Plus, i don't want to get accused of cheating if i open the box that i haven't technically earned properly. (I've been trying to get a screenshot of the weird border/rank thing in my collections to put on here, but FRAPS isn't working for me. Anyone got a method i can use?)
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