Bugsplat happens way too often

I just lost a game where we were literally pushed up to their nexus because i got bugsplat, everyone reported me and i got a D- even though I was one of the best players on my team. I have been getting bugsplat more and more in the past couple of weeks and it is very annoying, it always happens at the worst possible times too: when i'm engaging, when i'm getting ganked, when i'm under enemy tower. And the bugsplat doesnt even work, i have to force quit it or else my entire computer gets so slow that i can't do anything and it takes EVEN LONGER for me to get back. The bugsplat never actually opens either, it just bops up and down and if i don't force quit it it's a garanteed loss for my team. PLEASE fix this, or help me fix it, it's extremely frustrating to lose games like this. (i'm on a mac btw)
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