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Hey Riot, I have watched every single game x3 times from the grand finals OG vs G2 but it seems I can not get the mission reward - LEC Icon. I am stuck on 2/3 of the mission and the time is ticking. Would it be possible to get it till the end of the week or is my luck run out on this one. Any one here have the same problem and did you contact with any riot staff yet? EDIT: So I watched the whole match on Twitch during the games live and I got my 1st part of the mission completed after the second game finished. Don't know what happend during the first game so that my mission wouldn't trigger after it and I guess the final game finished faster than the tracker could even understand what is happening. After that i got my 2/3's of the mission on the VODs after rewatching the first game. Since then I'm stuck on it. Regards
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