2 Yasuo bugs

So, after hundreds and hundreds of games on the Night bringer yasuo, i noticed a design failure with the q animation... It does not match the Hitbox of yasuo's Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ty6rZb4oFTk (proof), needs some testing indeed but thats the closest i got it to, sometimes q goes through minions as if it hit them, but it's visual bug i guess not much of a hassle to fix. The other yasuo bug is that his r is not consistent, before patch 7.14 u could r even if u dont have a cursor on your screen by just pressing r (a bit of exaggeration ^) but now ults are not registered properly, by that i mean when i press r and i have my mouse behind my character (while target is knocked up) it doesn't work, it use to work just like that before.. I guess it's some spaghetti code going on here, https://www.reddit.com/r/YasuoMains/comments/6qbwa3/you_will_not_ult_a_target_if_your_cursor_is_not/ it's how it works now, i hope its a bug and doesn't remain the same otherwise allot of us would be forced to play w/ unlocked screens i guess..
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