Unable to connect to game after champ select | Forced update during game | Staying logged in

Hey everyone, Just wanted to report a incident that occurred just now: Updated my client, played two games - both were fine, no issues. My third game however, I make it through champ select, and the classic black screen + dialogue box **"Unable to connect to server"** comes up. I try to reconnect, keeps occurring. Then the LoL client reverts back to the previous version and tries to update back into the recent client (I'm not logged in at this point), whilst I'm still 'in game'. At this point, the team remakes, and everyone is ejected from the game. **I was queuing with a friend who returned to the lobby, but I'm still in the lobby. I'm shown to be online, and he can queue with me, but I'm not logged in. I'm still re-updating.** I log back in with a few messages of annoyance from my friend, and some lost LP. Has this happened to anyone yet? How can I stop the client from reverting back to a previous version so I can make it back to the game for next time? Does Riot look into these cases and return deducted LP if AFK'ing was the fault of the client? Thanks for your help, FFP
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