Unable to remake (3 times in 2 days)

Dear Summoners, As tilted as I am right now.. I'll try to explain the problem I'm having right now as easy and respectfully as possible. Yesterday I had a game where my toplaner Irelia never joined the game. In this [screenshot](https://prnt.sc/od77st) u see her being lvl 3, just because of the game itself, not because she played. As said before; she never joined the game. We (my team) thought we where able to remake... But the remake option didn't pop up. So we needed to play the whole game and as expected; we lost. I made a bug report of it and moved on. Today I played a few games and the same problem happend in two of my games; [game 1](https://prnt.sc/od77my) and [game 2](https://prnt.sc/od77dt). I also made a bug report on those 2 games, explaining the situation over and over again. All the afk'ers never even left the base. In fact, they never even joined the game. I also asked some teammates if they had the same situation before. Some told me they could remake a game where someone was afk. Now I'm interested to see if this is really a bug (I can't see how this shouldn't be a bug tho) and how fast Riot is gonna fix this, because at this moment I'm not enjoying League cause of this bug and I think I'll stick with playing Teamfight Tactics or even other games outside of League. Regards, Captain Sona P.S. forgive me if there are some wrong written words or sentence in this text.
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