The client is hella bugged

bugs i noticed while playing. after the game, it looks like everyone already left, the scroll is bugged so you have to hover over it to see messages. most of the time the animation on champion select doesnt move the colors dont move when you switch between champs in champ select you keep on having an extra message even tho you've read it already people pop up as in game despite not being in one, preventing from inviting them. people who create a game are "in game creating a game", cannot be invited either. if you're in a party and recently stopped queue, you cannot use the Loot. league has massive frame drops and game "flickers" while playing borderless, fullscreen prevents that but lowers fps in process. if you have more than 3 messages from other players you can bug out and not be able to click any of them, unless u reset your client. will keep it updated. EDIT: after getting into champ select you can not log into the team chat, making you keep on connecting without ever actually being able to talk with your team
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