[CLIENT] Mutiple issues with my league client please help

About two weeks ago i left for a holiday before patch 9.8 came out, i brung my laptop with me to play league on cause uno im addicted,everything was working fine even after patch 9,8 came out, but then when i get back home and I log onto league on my gaming pc my client has mutiple issues: - I cant load the home page - I cant view my match history - I cant join voice chat - I cant invite players to my lobby - Invites are bugged and often come late - I often cant see what players are actually in the lobby and have to go of the chat box to know The wierd thing is that when i went back onto my laptop I had the same issues. I tried to restart league, restard and update my computer, I even re installed league on my gaming pc but the issues remained I cant show screen shots but I can do my best to describe the glitches, - WHen I am on home - overview, it just loads for a while then says 'We werent able to load this page. If your Internet connection is otherwise okay, wait a few minutes and try again' - but my internet works fine i can load into games and play them fine - When i attempt to view my match history it says - 'We couldnt connect to the match history service. This might be a result of unplanned downtime. Wait a few moments and try again' When i hit okay it just says, we didnt find any matches for this player, then lists reasons why all are false i have been playing, op.gg shows my match history - When i try to join voice chat it just will not let me connect, even tho i have a mic plugged and stuff Please help me

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