excuse me Riot but umm how do i put this......i never got a box since this whole Hextect thing started....i got the starting box and a random one but thats it i searched everything i though i had to had S rank i got S rank with my favourites Teemo Jhin and Zed got NOTHING and then i played with my friend she got like 1/3/1 and somehow SOMEHOW got 2 box and she is a noobie not to be rude..........but she doesnt play as much as i do....wich.....would give me more boxes wouldnt it i mean i work so hard for the boxes i just dont get it she played with me for like 3 games and got 2 boxes at the last two i play for the entire MONTH and get nothing over and over and OVER again am i the only one? plz help me its myy only change to get a skin or two....i really have no money to spend on skins.....sorry thanks u for reading this Riot byeeee UPDATE: i think my profile its just bugged cause in my champions it says i have earned a chest with ZED JHIN abd Temo......but i dunnot have do i fix this?
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