Champ select bug has caused me to wait another 14 minutes for the next game

I just got into champion select, bans just finished, champion select began, enemy team had first pick saw Evelynn flash up for one second (the champ I was about to play, I had other champs I could play) then nothing the person had picked, yet I couldn't, it showed no champion portrait for who the summoner had picked as well one person told me "not to dodge" meaning that it wasn't on the other summoner's side. So I was left their to wait until the timer ran out, causing me to leave champion select. Now I am having to wait 9 more minutes until my next game (originally 14), the reason why it was a longer wait was me dodging a game where our support's picked was banned by a member of our team who wasn't typing at all (I didn't want to take the risks at a troll). I sadly did not take an image of the moment, since I was confused on what happened.

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