TFT - traits not counting after client reload because of frozen client

So the client still freezes on loading. Meaning you loose that game,.. losing a lot of LP for no good reason. Also the traits do not count properly after reloading the frozen client. See image. 3 sorcerers in game, only 2 registered in traits. BTW, I also want to thank you for the LP system. I love how a win gives 30LP but a loss will deduct 50LP or more. Especially after a frozen client the reward of minus 50LP just feels so good and right. Maybe create a remake system for people not loading in to the game? It makes no sense to punish players so extremely hard for your client not loading. It takes about 5 or 6 top-4 wins to regain 50LP. I do not understand why a 80% to 90% winrate is needed just to nett a couple of LP in the plus.

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