Wrong Approaching :: Auto Attack Speed Unlock

Hi, its the first time I bother on reporting bugs here. Essentially because I consider this a waste of time, league of legends its poorly coded based on statics events that obviusly are not an static constant on the rift so I see several bugs per day. But this one has a direct impact to the game itself and I predict it will be worse with the time so I will spend my time here to help you fix it. Look actually letal tempo is based on opening / closing AASpeed cap door, which is incorrect since we have more ways to unlock AASpeed like new Jinx change some hours ago. What happens when a champion has diferent ways to unlock AASpeed? As soon as any of those buffs that allow us unlock AAS Cap runs out of our buff bar, the lock gets restablished even if we still have other buff that should remain us overclocked. Hope you fix it, modifying the behaviour of the AAS unlockers so we can have multiple buffs conbined instead of capping our own stats. I will shoot here a quick practical example just in case someone didnt understand the problem. We are playing Jinx on the patch 8.02 with the current new change that after killing a tower allow us to run fast as always and aswell Unlock our AAS Cap. Until here all good but then, we as a Jinx player decide to chase enemies and kill them, now we hit an enemy and we gain LetalTempo because.. well we are playing with this runes today. All good, with full build we can go until 3.5 AAS, cool. But what happens when our "Excited" effect runs out? Our AAS should dicrease from 3.5 to 3.0 (Aprox) but actually it drops until 2.5, because our Excited exit mechanic is closing the Cap Door, which is clearly a mistake because our Letal tempo poped some seconds before and now we are wasting our whole letal tempo for this glitch. Thanks for reading
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