"Attempting to reconnect" doesn't do a thing (HELP!!!!)

So I've got a pretty good laptop and internet router. I do use wifi so, the connection does drop for a second or so sometimes. The thing is, I'm absolutely fine with it breaking now and then. It's normal. But it very often happens that when it does break, it says "Attempting to reconnect" but does nothing. I even went in the middle of that, disconnected from voice and reconnected and it worked. I was stuck at "Attempting to reconnect" and couldn't do a single thing. So every time that happens I have to restart the game, and I get to see that I'm 2 levels behind. It happens to often and I don't know what to do. I submited a ticked and done everything the auto-reply told me. No problems detected. Even if I disconnect, why can't I reconnect but have to restart? Is there really so much to catch up on after 1 or 2 seconds of not having my internet? I tried to "request a human" on the ticket but no help. I did the Hextech tool thing, and sent them the logs but nothing... Is there a fix to this? I mean, I played one game pretty fine and I couldn't reconnect because of this, and when I relogged, the match ended and I leveled up, but lost my Champion Capsule because of "AFK behaviour".... (Sry for bad eng if there is any. I'm not a native eng speaker)

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