Spellthiefs Edge/frostfang bug: patch 9.13

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I'm a Sona main and this bug happens to me quite a lot. Wat happens is: even though I hit an enemy champion and one stack of my frostfang/spellthiefs edge is lost, i don't get the gold for it. This normally happens at the very start of the game, when I try to go in for some poke for the gold, but also happened in the middle of the game, as in the game in the link that I provided, around timestamp 9:10. (https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4100042659/220302055?tab=overview) A description of what happened: -I recall with 1 stack of my support item remaining (frostfang in this case) -Fiddlesticks comes up to me and I hit him with a sona q + an auto. -I expect to gain 22 gold from this, but instead nothing happens (you can also see that the animation for getting the gold is not present) -However, I did lose a stack of my support item, because I have 0 after this trade. In this clip, it was especially unlucky that this bug happened, since this meaned that I failed to complete the quest for the wards before the recall.

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