patch bug&leaver buster for no reason

So, after that update 5-6 days ago everytime i enter in league it tells me that i need to update the league like everyday it comes out a new update . That`s not the big problem. The big problem is when i can`t enter in a game and i get leaverbuster because of your bugs. I wanted to play a ranked 10mins ago, i found a game and when i was supposed to go in loading screen the `loading screen` never opened. In fact, the client was telling me i don`t have internet connection (i was listening music on yt so i had connection, to be sure i double checked with lol site ) so i closed the client and entered again, when i entered it started to make `an update` and after the `update` was complete the client told me ` we will try to restore to an old patch` or something like that. Of course i got leaver buster 5games 20mins and it wasn`t even my fault. So Good Luck with your bugs i won`t stay 100mins chilling and doing nothing because you can`t fix your client .
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