Neeko still has some serious bugs ....

So I noticed some strange things that I think shouldn't be or happen in this game with Neeko. To begin with, I want to say you need to update Neeko's speed with base ms Cass. She has scalling ms starting from 328 but no matter when you disguise as a Cass you gonna have 328 ms. I'm not sure if this is intentional. Secondly, disguising as Jhin is the same as wasting passive. You can see 3 weird bullets below your bars (whatever they are called, ammo probably) but they are so obv that you just don't want to bait as a Jhin. One more bug is (tested with Renekton so far), if you disguise as a Renekton when he's in ult and then it ends. You gonna be the same size as he in ult but without the circle (damage circle whatever it's called) And last I think gonna sound most like a bug not like the listed before. So sometimes when you aa while disguised and if enemy moves out of your aa range (auto attack cancels) sometimes it will get you out of the disguse.
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