Penalty given for being flamed all game by teamates

of course riot will show you my text from the game and none of the other players which is a MAJOR flaw to this but my side shows who is really flaming. i would like my chat restriction lifted and my honor level back due to this failure to administrate the game properly. thanks. Game 1 In-Game TheeWeedMan: sAME TheeWeedMan: supersmurfyguy TheeWeedMan: poor help TheeWeedMan: u are trash TheeWeedMan: i led you to the perfect bait TheeWeedMan: and you failed every aspect of it TheeWeedMan: can we stop being pussies now lee TheeWeedMan: 7 ganks mid TheeWeedMan: 1 TheeWeedMan: for me TheeWeedMan: ? TheeWeedMan: 7 ganks mid TheeWeedMan: na shoulda just playedea better jungle TheeWeedMan: 8 ganks TheeWeedMan: you miss plays and baits TheeWeedMan: report veiger flame TheeWeedMan: ty TheeWeedMan: no TheeWeedMan: he fed himself TheeWeedMan: by ganking TheeWeedMan: called jungling TheeWeedMan: no thanks TheeWeedMan: i dont give yup because you flame TheeWeedMan: youre now reported TheeWeedMan: the only one inting is you :;D TheeWeedMan: so funny TheeWeedMan: no TheeWeedMan: i didnt TheeWeedMan: and now youre reported TheeWeedMan: now teemo flame TheeWeedMan: report ty TheeWeedMan: teemo TheeWeedMan: you dont report people for trying TheeWeedMan: you and veiger are both reported for inting flameing and bad behavior TheeWeedMan: this is bannable offense TheeWeedMan: ? how so TheeWeedMan: you are mad you didnt get to pick lux and now youre flaming me and intingt TheeWeedMan: and trying to get me banned TheeWeedMan: pretty sure you will be the only one getting reported for bad behavior TheeWeedMan: sad TheeWeedMan: ty TheeWeedMan: lol is it? TheeWeedMan: im hardly talking TheeWeedMan: troll TheeWeedMan: troll teamate TheeWeedMan: you an tell tehy are instigating even TheeWeedMan: veiger been trying to ff since 15 due to his int ^^ TheeWeedMan: just saying TheeWeedMan: sorry flame team TheeWeedMan: thank you for apologizing to us TheeWeedMan: how so? TheeWeedMan: yo flame me in unbelievable? TheeWeedMan: lol wow im muting you all TheeWeedMan: veiger apologize for int TheeWeedMan: but still reporting TheeWeedMan: just report teemo and veig highly toxic TheeWeedMan: sorry for talking in all chat TheeWeedMan: i just cant stand when i get flamers and inters on my team TheeWeedMan: gg Post-Game TheeWeedMan: gg TheeWeedMan: flame from lobby tho
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