Windows 10 Creators Update - Mouse side macro buttons - Cannot assign/remap in game settings anymore

Prior to the Windows 10 Creators update, I was having no issue regarding using the side macro buttons on my mouse as a laugh, dance or mastery emote. After the update, going into League's settings clicking these two buttons doesn't register at all. Can't assign in settings or anything. At first I thought it was my drivers, software etc. After installing/uninstalling all of that (trust me, I checked everything possible) I saw another post here with a user facing the exact same issue after the creators update [Link to post]( . [Image of my Logitech G400S mouse buttons]( these buttons are used for forward/backward in all other apps --- STILL WORKS OUTSIDE OF LEAGUE. Seems to be only a LOL issue, both client and ingame). Please tell me if anyone is aware of this issue and whether Riot is looking at it? Seeing how the recent patch 7.8 had no mention of it, I'm not sure. Thanks a lot,
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