Broken Mission?

Hello everyone, wanted to report that the mission "Prepare for the journey! (2 of 2)" seems to be broken or not functioning as intended. I have one of the progress bars filled ( "Win a game with Domination or Resolve Keystone" ), I hadn't checked for any missions, I just did a game and then realized I had it. Because I wanted to complete it I played a game as Lulu with the Aery Keystone, which is a Sorcery keystone and I didn't get any quest progress. I relogged to verify it wasn't some visual error or the client not updating, when I relogged I still didn't have any progress. I haven't tried to reproduce this with the other progress bar "Win a game with Precision or Inspiration keystone". I must add all games were in Summoner's Rift, draft pick. Thank you for your time, I've seen other people have similar issues, just wanted to give my info on the matter, please fix whatever is wrong or, in case we're doing something wrong, please, let us know. Finally, I reiterate, I RELLOGED several times in an attempt to update the client, no update in quest progress was shown. Have a good one, Sandro, WalkingWarrior
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