Banned for prohibited thirdparty software?

My account (PhummelLburb euw) has been banned for a reason i don't even understand? I never used an app or anything to gain information about the game so i really don't understand how i am perma banned from leageu of legends? So my pc actually damages your server riot??? I really don't understand why I am banned i didn't do anything wrong? i just got my unban from 2 WEEEKS. I wasn't salty at all these last games and a day after my unban u perma ban my account??????? What is the point? The time i put in this game all for nothing? If i don't hack or wathever the reason is u banned me? Why am i banned then? I did my best to get all the champs in this game. I tried to be positive in my games. ANd now u are just perma banning me for something i didn't do??? error????? Can u please check what happen cause i don't know what i did wrong???????,
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