Inting games

For some reason, I got my main in master and I started to get suddently matched with silver and gold players and this is making an awful experience for me. As I don't wanna play ranked for a while, but neither I wanna be playing with lower ELO players, I will INT games until Riot decides to fix their awful matchmaking. It's sad for a long time player like me to see how Riot have been destroying the game progressively post s4. As a protest for this bullshit, because I'm honestly not playing ranked in months and as I stated before, I'm inting every single game you match me with gold/silver players. NEVER, in my life, I had to play with them. Always I've been matched with high plat/dia players in arams/normals which makes it decently enjoyable. But this is the worst bullshit I've ever experienced from this game.
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