Cannot reconnect to the game

Same as every other post like this, laoding screen hits 10% and then client closes without any warning whatsoever, and its not for the first time (No champion/skin correlation between accidents). No antivirus, no task in background beside live wallpaper. All I can do is wait, cuze pc restart nor restarting client through task manager works. What am I supposed to write in here when i get no error. It looks like my team cannot even remake, rito please fix it Important info from post below (How to lose 80 lp in 15 min): >Actually yes, got friend with whom i wanted to play flex games but he got g2 pass (Icon) and every time i couldnt load into game [games]( Skarpet13 got g2 icon, loaded with him into 2v2 vs bots with him on my team and couldnt load as well we did it again and again and it crashed, but when he changed it into another icon and we could play Constact swapping between g2 icon and any other showed us pattern that i couldnt play with him when he had g2 icon on him
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