Fiora parry bugg with pyke ult.

Alright, so I've already created a boards post on this, but that was long ago and nothing happened. This time I've done more research and recorded some video's to show all of you. So lets begin. As the titel says fiora has a bugg with the pyke ult. If Fiora uses Riposte (her W) when she is getting pyke ulted, she will still die. A lot of people are telling me this is not a bugg, but I'm almost certain it is. This is what happens when fiora tries to riposte pyke ult: This is weird, because it even shows "parried!" even though you die ( ). As shown on her ability info, Riposte makes fiora **_invulnerable_**, which is an effect that reduces all damage taken to 0. (as shown here: and here: ). Pyke ult claims to be an **executing** ability ( ), which people might use as argument because it might go through the fiora w. But there are lots of other **executing** ability's, as shown here: . This means that all of those champs should be able to go through the Fiora Riposte aswell, which (spoiler alert), they can't. I've recorded 2 video's showing the ults of garen and veigar. <-- veigar ult <-- Garen ult So the question stays the same... why does the Pyke ultimate go through the Fiora Riposte? Lets get back to the **invulnerability** part, there are a couple of champions with an ability that provides **invulnerability**, as shown here: . But the weird part is, the pyke ult will **_NOT_** go through the kayle / taric ult. So why does it go through with Fiora? The last thing I could find was on the wikia page of Pyke, . This page shows the exact word **_Executing_**, which it doesn't on the garen or veigar page. Garen <-- Veigar <-- So that was it, the **_Executing_** word shown at the pyke ult means that it is allowed to go through the Fiora Riposte, even though other champions can still negate it....... right?? No. Even this is not true, if the orange **_Executing_** actually ment this, it should mean that the Urgot Ultimate should do the same thing ( ) , yet a champion like Tryndamere is able to survive the Urgot Ultimate using his Ultimate. So the final question stays the same, why does the Pyke ultimate go through the Fiora Riposte? I might have overlooked something, there might also be something missing on the ability info, but I'd like to know this. Because right now the number litterly do not add up. If you've read all the way until here, thank you, thanks for reading this (way too huge) post. But I hope this finally gets the attention it deserves. -TheHentaiKing
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